Bahroma ice cream
Created by Depot

Food One, the leader of the Central Asian ice cream industry, has decided to launcha new brand to expand its market share and boundaries. The prospective sales regions are Central Asia, Russia and Europe.

Based on the results of the studies, the concept was chosen: ice cream as a kind of oriental sweets. Among the diversity of these desserts, the concept of «oriental ice cream» is practically unknown. The concept was built into existing trends on the market and logically sent to the place of production and individual sales regions. However, the eastern theme should not have been tied to a specific country.
CEO - Alexey Andreev
Creative director - Alexey Fadeev, Anastasia Tretyakova
Strategy - Radost Ponimania, Depot, Food One
Strategy director - Farhad Kuchkarov
Art director - Nikita Ivanov
Designers - Nikita Ivanov, Irina Filushina
3D - Vitaly Gavrish
Copyrighter - Anastasia Tretyakova
Project manager - Ksenia Tarasova
PR - Daria Vedernikova
brand design

packaging & identity