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What do you see when you open any brand-book, retail-book, brand guidelines? Everything is strictly regulated and almost everything is restricted - no italic, don't distort, don't use on the photo, don't stretch, fit in size, don't apply effects etc. Most of the chain stores in Russia are becoming very regular, with accurate identities, clean and safe communications, trendy colors, friendly, open, light, smooth…and thus characterless, boring and cliche
But what if you are a hard discounter with a need to shout as loud as you can and create a feeling of hype, boom and rush? Normal store brand-book won't let you do that. So we broke all the rules and literally hacked the true retail language - the language which is really in-demand by various retailers but doesn't belong to anyone
Our client «Galamart» is a nationwide retailer with thousands of SKUs, never ending sales and fast-changing product range concept. We created a design system that fits and even defines hard-discounter segment's true tone and language. We did it both verbally and visually. We designed an identity that could be reproduced by any cashier in any of 200 stores all around Russia and some cis countries. And what is important - the language is common for both young and adult audiences, for trendy teens and conservative aunts. There are no rules in brand-book but one - hype
CEO - Alexey Andreev
Creative director - Alexey Fadeev, Anastasia Tretyakova
Strategy director - Farhad Kuchkarov
Strategist - Dmitry Komarov
Art director - Nikita Ivanov
Designers - Nikita Ivanov, Anna Bolshakova, Tatyana Mikolaevskaya, Raushan Sultanov
Animation - Nikita Ivanov
Project manager - Irina Zavtoni
PR - Daria Vedernikova
brand design

packaging & identity