Self club
Created by Depot

«SelfClub» is a unique sports complex in Moscow with a large and specially equipped swimming pool. Its properties allow conducting a great variety of water classes for the real diversity of people and their needs.

We have created visual identity that convey the atmosphere of friendliness and ease, show people the wide range of programs they can choose and encourage them to try water classes. We chose simplicity and friendly irony to break the barriers and created a visual language, telling people that water makes things easy and people equal. Thus, we announced that «SelfClub» is the believe-in-yourself and love-yourself club.
CEO - Alexey Andreev
Strategy director - Farhad Kuchkarov
Design director - Nikita Ivanov
Designer - Nikita Ivanov, Raushan Sultanov
Animation - Nikita Ivanov
Copyrighter - Farhad Kuchkarov
PR - Daria Vedernikova
brand design

packaging & identity